On the 27th June 2019, North Dorchester was successfully awarded Garden Community status by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The successful bid was supported by the North Dorchester Consortium comprising Grainger plc and Persimmon Homes plc. We are working collaboratively to provide Dorchester with the homes and jobs it needs and to do so sensitively and sustainably.

North Dorchester was confirmed as a Preferred Option for the expansion of Dorchester in the West Dorset Draft Plan in Autumn 2018. That plan has been superseded by a Dorset-wide Local Plan, which has been published for consultation. Once again, North Dorchester has been identified as a sustainable urban extension to the town comprising 3,500 homes alongside new employment opportunities.

The Consortium is preparing its response to the Local Plan and further updates will appear here in due course.

Guiding our approach is the Vision for North Dorchester that supported the Council’s bid for Garden Community status which you can read here.