Delivering the Homes Local People Need

There is a significant housing need both in Dorchester and across Dorset, and the proposed new homes within the North Dorchester Garden Community will do a great deal towards meeting that need, sensibly and sustainably.

Up to 3,500 homes are proposed, in three new neighbourhoods, with a focus on affordability for local people. A significant proportion of the homes will be available for rent – both privately and through a housing association, as well as for sale. We will provide housing for families and all stages of life, including for those looking to get on the housing ladder for the first time. The amount of housing we’re proposing to provide allows us to deliver variety across North Dorchester.

A Place for Generations to Come

The New Garden Community will include affordable housing and a mix of tenures for all stages of life and provide housing choice.

The new community will attract young working people and families as a priority whilst also meeting the needs of the elderly. This commitment will be backed up by design guidance, to complement the existing town.

Designed for Life

New homes will need to be practical offering ease of access for future residents. They will be adaptable to cater for different needs and will incorporate space for cycle storage

New buildings will also be designed with green credentials with highly energy efficient measures, including solar panels, to reduce carbon emissions and reduce household energy costs.

Both Grainger and Charles Church pride themselves on delivering well designed, quality homes. This commitment
will be backed up by site-wide design guidance, to ensure that the homes will be designed with the architectural traditions of historic Dorchester at their heart, complementing the town and not clashing with it.