What is a Garden Community?

Garden Communities are large scale new developments that will create well-planned, sustainable places for people to live.

On the 27th June 2019, North Dorchester was successfully awarded Garden Community status by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, now called the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

A Garden Community is defined as providing a mix of homes, including affordable properties, in an attractive environment as an extension to an existing town.  As well as building new homes, a Garden Community creates job opportunities and attractive green space, along with new transport infrastructure and community infrastructure, such as schools and health centres.  

Garden Communities have a Clear Vision and Principles to Deliver Long-term Quality of Life

The Government has set out its vision for new Garden Communities here.

Amongst other characteristics, Garden Communities should be exemplars of large-scale new developments. They should have clear identities, be sustainable in scale, and achieve well- designed places that are designed and executed with strong local vision and engagement. By following Garden Community principles, a clear vision should be set out for the quality of the community and how this can be maintained in the long-term.

A Place for Generations to Come

In addition to low carbon living, North Dorchester Garden Community will include affordable housing and a mix of tenures for all stages of life, attracting young working people and families as a priority whilst also meeting the needs of the elderly. This commitment will be backed up by design guidance, to complement the existing town.